Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summary of the first Review(09-07-2010)

Following are some of the points which came up in the discussions:
>Form or narrative of the film- can be just observational, interactive,
Process oriented, essay film, character study,
Study of a community,
>Research on existing material in video medium.
>Readings which can help to articulate the issue in more details.
>What are the patterns in migration after independence and now?
>What is the politics behind this movement-economic, social side of it?
>Who holds the power to make it happen?
Visual map of the things related to migration and where do I stand in it?
>How the language of cinema can be used to tell the story in certain way?
>Is there a target audience? If yes, how can it change the way medium of video is
>Is it possible to use the existing footage to tell the story?
>Why documentary? How it’s going to change the process of making a film?
>While shooting I should have a clear direction. The film doesn’t happen on
editing table.
>Where does the complexity lie and how can I try to reach till there.
>Thinking about the style, form of the film.
>Keeping in touch by mail and keep informing about the process.

>In search of Gandhi by Lalit Vachani.
>Amsterdam Global village by Johan Van der Keuken
>City beautiful by Rahul Roy
>work of David Macdougall
>Work of Chris Marker
>Work of Jean Rouche
>Iron Eaters by Shaheen Dill-Riaz
>Work of Indian filmmakers-Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak, Adoor
>Gopalkrishnan, and John Abraham.

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