Saturday, July 17, 2010

Being Practical...

I don't have access to internet at home. I will get it by monday so that I can update my blog every day.
Its a different experience to go about making a film in Ahmednagar. I try to explain relatives, friends and other people around me what I have been studying and what I plan to do for diploma Project.
I wonder how my parents trust me so much, they never ask me a single question..anyways.
Somehow film occupies my mind 24/7 when I am at school in Bangalore but it doesn't hold the same intensity here. The city(or a small town) and things happening around seem to be overpowering sometimes.
One is not so lonely most of the time to ponder upon something which is easy to do when you are in design school, but its very exciting to work in a invironment where every system works with ' Sam, Dam, Dand, Bhed' on your face. Power seems to be the most issential thing.
I have been trying to get the permission to shoot in a factory which makes alluminium products.

i have managed to get the permission from the owner but now people who actualy work there(manager and some important people in that space) have lots of doubts. I have to convince them that this project is for educational purpose and the footage from there wont be misused by me and college also. Monday I have to give my details. So that they have some proof of me being from this place and they will be able to contact my home etc if there is any problem.
One of the lady who handles all the things in this space told me that, they don't even allow people to enter and see what happens behind their gate and those walls around the factory.
I had to go with my friend as his brother in that space when I went first time. So now the funny thing is I told owner that my friend is accountant in your company and people who actualy work there know the different story. So today the lady who is incharge asked me my Sirname, my caste and then she had a doubt that how is my cousin brother is not from the same caste as mine. Monday I have to sort out these small small things.

This is the place where all the migrated workers stay. They work there and then go to their home which is inside the same campus. Workers are not allowed to out on weekdays. Only on sunday they get to go outside of that campus.
They have one more factory which is liitle away from this one. Its bigger in size. I couln;t take out my camera there. That space is under surveillance.

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